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Welcome to our shop. Roosevelt Coffee is a family-owned, independent coffee bar established in February 2023.

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Done Right

We are proud to partner with Sightglass Coffee Roasters, an independent, specialty coffee roaster based in San Francisco since 2009.

All of our pastries and market goods are chosen by our staff and sourced from local small businesses.

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Hours and Location

  • Mon to Fri: 8am - 5pm  
    Saturday: 8am - 3pm
    Sunday: Closed

  • Our Address:
    670 Roosevelt, Irvine, CA, United States, 92620

About Roosevelt

Introduce Roosevelt Coffee and provide a brief overview of what you do and what your focus/ commitments are to your customers.

Fresh, Flavorful Coffee Roasted in Small Batches

  • We are excited to partner with Sightglass Coffee, an independent, sibling-owned coffee company in San Francisco, committed to sourcing and roasting exceptional coffee. By partnering with Sightglass, we are able to bring their high-quality coffee beans to our customers.

  • Sourcing

    Being present at origin allows them to see the processing methods, varieties, growing altitudes, climate, and many other factors that determine the quality of their coffee.


    Sightglass roasts coffee in small batches, which allows them to closely monitor the roasting process and ensure consistency in every cup.